Course Schedules

at Baptist College of Ministry

In order to understand the course schedule below, you will need to understand the block system. Baptist College of Minsitry utilizes a unique block system that enables maximum focus for the students, classrooms led by adjunct professors actively serving in their field, and academic flexibility in the schedule. While there are some classes that take place during the entire semester, most of the core academic classes take place during one of these four blocks each semester.

Semester Block Schedule

Each semester at Baptist College of Ministry is divided into four blocks of study. Blocks 1, 2, and 4 are two weeks long with each student taking a single class. Block 3 is nine weeks long with each student typically taking three classes.




1 Class




1 Class


9 weeks

Students on a typical schedule take a class in 3 of the 4 available class sessions during the 9-Week Block.

Session 1

Mon/Wed/Fri Morning

Session 2

Tues/Thurs Morning

Session 3

Mon/Wed/Fri Afternoon

Session 4

Tues/Thurs Afternoon




1 Class

Block 1, September 7–17

BI131 Methods of Bible Study 2 credits
HM315 Personal Finances 2 credits
CM344 Principles of Accounting 2 credits
MU432 Hymnology 2 credits
MU411 Computer Notation & Arranging 2 credits
ED434 Teaching History* 2 credits
OR501 Seminary Orientation 1 credit

Block 1, January 10–21

MI201 Introduction to Missions 2 credits
MU201 Philosophy of Church Music 2 credits
HT313/513 Baptist Polity 2 credits
MI302/502 Advanced Missions II* 2 credits
ED453/553 Philosophy of Education 2 credits
NT621 New Testament Biblical Theology* 3 credits
LI641 Translation Linguistics* 2 credits
HT656 Baptists & Revival* 2 credits
* denotes biennial classes being offered this year.

100-499: Undergrad level courses; 500-600: Graduate level courses.