Financial Information

at Baptist College of Ministry

College is a big investment. Though cost isn't the primary factor affecting your decision, it is a very important detail in the journey. Our desire is that in this key  matter of finances, your faith would be strengthened as you learn to work hard and trust God to provide. Several scholarships are available for qualified students.

Basic Cost

(per semester)



Room & Board



Total (Minus Fees)


Additional Fees

Full-time Students

(12-18 credit hours per semester)

Registration Fee

per semester


Ancillary Fee

per semester


Part-time Students

(less than 12 credit hours per semester)

Registration Fee

per course, for credit or audit



per credit hour


Audit Charge

per semester hour


Miscellaneous Academic Charges

(based on use)

Additional Load Charge

per semester hour above 18


Private Music and Ensemble Instructor Fee

per semester hour


Average Total Cost*

(per semester, including avg. fees)


Town Student


* Average total cost is an estimation. Your total may vary due to a variety of factors. Costs are subject to change without warning.

Summary of Incidental Fees

Early Application Fee



Standard Application Fee



Reservation Deposit

$50 non-refundable


Reenrollment Deposit


Late Registration Fee

also applies to registration changes


Late Payment Fee


NSF Processing Charge


Graduation Fee


Transcript Processing Fee


Yearbook Charge

graduate and part-time undergraduate students


Graduate Debt-free

Today, over 70% of college students graduate with a significant amount of debt—a nationwide average of $37,000 per student. We believe that our students should not resort to student loans to complete their college education, but instead should learn how to trust God to provide for every semester and every bill. Our zero-debt policy motivates our students to find help from heaven so that they can graduate debt-free and immediately launch into the next leg of their faith journey without the shackles of student debt.