Spiritual Growth

at Baptist College of Ministry
Baptist College of Ministry is designed to be a place where you can meet with God and learn to experience a genuine, daily relationship with Him. After all, if you are going to serve God with your life, you need to know Him, not just know about Him.

Grow in Your

Personal Walk with Jesus

In the Word

Personal time in the Word isn't just a duty; it's essential for a powerful walk with Jesus. At BCM, we provide an environment and accountability to teach our students how to spend a consistent and meaningful time in the Word every day.

In Prayer

Unfortunately for many, personal time in prayer is an afterthought, a duty, or a complete failure. At BCM, we are passionate about leading our students to spend an hour walking with Jesus on their knees every day.

"I can honestly say that last year, I met with God....this year, I've learned to walk with God."
Landon | Iola, WI

Grow through

Christ-focused Friendships

There is no question that the friends you make in college will play a key role in shaping who you are. At BCM, you will find yourself surrounded by other young people who are passionate about knowing and serving Jesus. As you build lifelong friendships in times of dorm devotions, fellowship chapel, prayer meetings, or just personal conversation around the lunch table, you'll find your heart being challenged by your peers to pursue God and love Him with all of your heart.

Grow through

Daily Chapel Preaching

Every day at 10am, hear faith-filled men challenge your generation to embrace your weakness and depend on God's strength for victorious living and powerful service. Also, every Monday in testimony chapel, hear students testify about what God is doing in their hearts and how He is using them. Chapel is all about allowing the preaching of the Word to drive us to Jesus to find our all in Him!

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Grow through

Faith-filled Church Ministry

Personal Ministry

Training for the ministry shouldn't all be in the classroom. That's why every student has a significant role in the Sunday School ministry of Falls Baptist Church. Let ministry stretch your faith and deepen your walk with God as you give to others.

Faith-filled Services

In every service, the pastors and preachers of Falls Baptist Church lift up Jesus as the answer to your problems and faith as the means to access Christ's victory. The church is an exciting place where people believe God and God is working.

"The most impacting thing about my time here at Baptist College of Ministry, has been being a part of Falls Baptist Church. I can truly say it has changed my life."
Andrew | Standing Rock, NM