Leadership Minor
The Evangelism Leadership program is designed to prepare young men to proclaim the message of the gospel and to be able to train others to do the same.

Program Overview

The life and ministry of the Evangelist is consumed in a passion for the gospel⁠—the "good news" of deliverance for the sinner and for the saint. The courses in the Evangelism Leadership program are designed to give you the heartbeat behind local church ministry and a practical understanding of the role and life of the evangelist. Some of the most impacting aspects of the Evangelism program are the multiple times of internship where you receive focused mentorship and valuable experience with seasoned evangelists.

Key Degree Classes

for the evangelism leadership program

CM 431 - Ministry of the Evangelist

A biblical and philosophical study of the person and work of the New Testament evangelist. The course includes a historical survey of evangelists and evangelism, current models of evangelism, issues frequently faced by evangelists, and the pressing need for expressly biblical and spirit-empowered evangelistic ministry.

HT 453 - History of Revival

A biblical, inspirational, and historical study of past revivals and key personalities. This course focuses on the source, nature, and characteristics of revival, with an emphasis on the need for revival today.

CM 361 - Evangelistic Preaching

This course investigates the theology of a sound evangelistic message to the lost and a message or series of messages geared for revival among the saints. There will also be practical instruction to assist in the preparation and delivery of both kinds of messages.

CM 346 - Evangelism Ministry Skills

A practical introduction to the ministry of the evangelist. The course specifically address such topics as scheduling, budgeting and financial management, taxes, buying a trailer, children's meetings, working with a pastor and a team, and the role of the evangelist's wife and family.
Because of God's mercy and the excellent training I have received, thousands have trusted Christ and hundreds have surrendered to Christ through our ministry to teenagers.
Evangelist Bobby Bosler, '08

Typical Course Sequence

for the Evangelism Leadership Program

Year 1 - Freshman

Fall Semester
BI131 Methods of Bible Study 2 credits
BI207 Ministry of Prayer 2 credits
CM142 Personal Evangelism 1 credit
MU221 Written Theory and Skills 3 credits
BI121 New Testament Survey 3 credits
EN101 Composition and Rhetoric 3 credits
CM201 Philosophy of Church Ministry 2 credits
CM143 Outreach Practicum I 1 credit
OR101 Orientation 0 credits
ML Music Lessons** 1 credits
Spring Semester
MI201 Introduction to Missions 2 credits
BI228 Life of Christ 3 credits
BI111 Old Testament Survey 3 credits
EN102 Composition and Analysis 3 credits
SP101 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 credits
MU102 Introduction to Music Listening 2 credits
CM144 Outreach Practicum II 1 credit
OR102 Orientation 0 credits
ML Music Lessons** 1 credits
* denotes classes offered every other year.
**All students required to take either Music Lessons or Skills Class during their Freshman Year.

Experienced Faculty

for the evangelism leadership program

Jim Van Gelderen


Bobby Bosler


Rick Flanders


Chris Miller