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The Missions Leadership program is designed to prepare students to be a disciple-maker who can train disciple-makers.

Program Overview

God is at work in incredible ways in our world, and the need is greater than ever for missions leaders with a vision for the completion of the Great Commission and a biblical strategy of how to get there. The missions program at BCM is designed to add intense focus and preparation in addition to vital Bible courses. You will experience courses dealing with the harvest fields of the world, building the missionary skills necessary to function in a lower quality of living, linguistics, and discipleship training. This impacting program also includes an intense mission survival camp to help prepare you both mentally and physically for the rigors of missionary life, as well as a missions internship on the field for hands-on experience.

Key Degree Classes

for the missions leadership program

MI 301 & 302 - Advanced Missions I & II

An in-depth study of the theology and practice of missions, including discussions of cross-cultural evangelism, translation issues, cults, spiritual warfare, deputation, and the special challenges of life on the mission field.

LI 311 & 312 - Language Acquisition I & II

These courses provide foundational linguistic skills necessary for learning any foreign language.

MI 401 - World Harvest Fields

A survey of world mission fields, including information regarding the percentage of the unreached in that area, local cultures, languages, and special challenges of each field.

MI 427 - Medical Missions

A practical introduction to medicines and medical procedures for the mission field.
BCM did not just try to get students out the door with a degree. Rather, they were committed to the cause. . . . I have used the training in planting churches and starting a Bible institute. God has blessed us with six church plants in these few years, one of which was planted by the new believers themselves!
Glen Swanson, '13

Typical Course Sequence

for the Missions Leadership Program

Year 1 - Freshman

Fall Semester
BI131 Methods of Bible Study 2 credits
BI207 Ministry of Prayer 2 credits
CM142 Personal Evangelism 1 credit
MU221 Written Theory and Skills 3 credits
BI121 New Testament Survey 3 credits
EN101 Composition and Rhetoric 3 credits
CM201 Philosophy of Church Ministry 2 credits
CM143 Outreach Practicum I 1 credit
OR101 Orientation 0 credits
ML Music Lessons** 1 credits
Spring Semester
MI201 Introduction to Missions 2 credits
BI228 Life of Christ 3 credits
BI111 Old Testament Survey 3 credits
EN103 Composition and Analysis 3 credits
SP101 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 credits
MU102 Introduction to Music Listening 2 credits
CM144 Outreach Practicum II 1 credit
OR102 Orientation 0 credits
ML Music Lessons** 1 credits
MI421 Missions Camp 2 credits

* denotes classes offered every other year.

**All students required to take either Music Lessons or Skills Class during their Freshman Year.

Experienced Faculty

for the Missions leadership program

Mark Gillmore


John Himes


KathyAnn Birnschein


Greg Waller