A visit to the Bible Lands always provides the Christian with unique and powerful experiences that help his life and service. The Bible believer will see things that he will remember every time he picks up his Bible to read! The meaning of many passages will become clearer, and the Scriptural narratives will be made more vivid.

This REVIVAL TOUR, however, will go well beyond the usual Holy Land trip in its impact on believers who pray for and seek revival.

We will combine a visit to a beautiful land with a revival conference and time of Christian fellowship.

We will see the sites of great Old Testament revivals, such as Mt. Carmel, where fire from heaven turned Israel back to the true God.

We will follow the life of Jesus Christ, seeing places where he taught and did miracles, walking the path to Calvary, and visiting the empty tomb.

We will study the principal revival passages in both Testaments as we visit places that remind us of the reviving promises of God.

We will expect God to revive us again as we pray together in the very land where Abraham, Joshua, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, the twelve Apostles, and our Lord Jesus Christ also prayed.

As the Lord directs and provide, consider prayerfully making the life investment of going with us on the Revival Tour of Israel.

Your Tour Host


Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen

President, Baptist College of Ministry

Shimon Zemer

Tour Guide
Shimon Zemer, an expert instructor and tour guide, has been leading tours in Israel and other Bible lands since 1977. His love for the Bible record and the teachings of Yeshua will bring an enjoyable and memorable touch to our Israel experience.

Detailed Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Friday, March 24
Leave O'Hare International airport, Chicago

Teaching Focus

Day 2

Saturday, March 25
Arrive in Israel! Bruchim ha-baim le-Israel!

On our way to the Dead Sea, visit historic Beer-sheba, home of Abraham and the Patriarchs

Abraham, Father of Faith

Day 3

Sunday, March 26

Enjoy your first Sunday in Israel with a beautiful seaside morning service

Experience Masada

Hike the beautiful En-Gedi springs

Wilderness wanderings and the tragedy of unbelief and the futility of flesh-works

Day 4

Monday, March 27

Drive up the Jordan Valley and see where the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land

Visit the ancient ruins of Bet-She'an

Enjoy the beauty of the Jezreel Valley

Experience Nazareth Village

Faith accessing the Victorious Christian Life!

Day 5

Tuesday, March 28

Tour the ancient ruins of the coastal cities of Galilee

Consider the kingdom teachings of Jesus at the Mount of Beatitudes

Take a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee

Jesus' teaching and miraculous ministry in Galilee

Day 6

Wednesday, March 29

Explore the ruins of the city of Hazor

Hike the beautiful nature preserve at Dan and see the headwaters of the Jordan River

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon

Jesus' authority and the power of the Church to prevail against the gates of hell

Day 7

Thursday, March 30

View the Jezreel valley from Mount Carmel

Consider the eschatological significance of Megiddo

Visit the ruins of the ancient Roman seaport of Casarea by the Sea

Prayer and revival in the history of the kingdom of Israel

Day 8

Friday, April 31

Be overawed by the view of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem as we stroll down the Mount of Olives

Visit sites in the Old City of Jerusalem

Get a close-up view of the western wall tunnel and the Wailing Wall

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Day 9

Saturday, April 1

Sing a hymn in the upper room

Consider the lonely sufferings of Jesus in the dungeon of Caiaphas' House

Retrace Jesus' walk to Calvary

Jesus' victorious work on the cross and the triumph of the resurrection

Day 10

Sunday, April 2

Our group will have a moving Sunday morning service in the Garden of Gethsemane

Visit Bethlehem, where Jesus was born and the sacrificial lambs for the temple were raised

Jesus' ministry and passion

Day 11

Monday, April 3

Explore the diggings along the southern wall and Robinson's Arch

Recap your Israel experience with a visit to Israel's national museum

Remember the plight of God's chosen people at the Holocaust Museum

Jerusalem, God's people and end-times prophecy

Day 12

Tuesday, April 4
Arrive back at O'Hare International airport, Chicago

Trip Details

Space is limited to 42 travelers, so sign up early!

Wonderful Christian fellowship with a group of like-minded Bible believers

First-class accommodations, exceptional food, and comfortable coach bus touring

Qualifies for credit at Baptist College of Ministry or Baptist Theological Seminary

$5,200 per person (based on double occupancy)

Save $150 if signed up before September 30th with at least $500 down.
$500 deposit due by September 30, 2022

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