Passing It On

Published 07/26/2018
Hear the following report from BCM Alumnus Lisa Coleman ('17) on how she has been able to take the training she received at BCM and use it to impact the next generation in her local church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
After graduating from BCM in May 2017, I moved to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to serve at Greater Cumberland Baptist Church. We started a strings music program with seventeen students ranging from two to thirteen years old.

God blessed our first concert in December 2017, and I have continued to see Him work. This past June, we hosted Spectacular Sounds, a music camp lead by Elizabeth Zempel and others from Falls Baptist Music School. The parents became excited and desired to help their children improve. The following month the number of group lessons doubled with an additional fourteen students! I am excited to see how the Lord will use violin as an outreach as it expands to the community!

God used the training I received at BCM to prepare me for teaching. My character was strengthened under the pressure of preparing for a senior violin recital. I was given hands on training as I taught helper lessons and helped with a music camp. I praise the Lord for the members of the music faulty that invested in me and gave me the vision for teaching violin as a tool in reaching the next generation.
And Moses called unto Joshua, and said until him...thou shalt cause them to inherit it.
Deuteronomy 31:7
Even after graduation my teachers are still interested in me and my work, take time to answer my questions or give advice. Whether it was in chapel services or in my time alone with God, I learned many spiritual lessons that I am still applying to my life and my teaching. I am thankful for all the training I received at BCM!