Evangelist Chris Miller was born in Indianapolis, IN and was saved as a child.  He surrendered to preach at age 17, and at age 19 God settled the calling as an Evangelist under the preaching of Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen, Sr.  He met his wife Cheri at Bible college, and is thankful that she and their four children can travel as a family.

Chris served four years as staff evangelist at the Bill Rice Ranch and launched into full-time evangelism in 1998 with Faith For revival Ministries, Inc.  The Miller family has had evangelistic teams travel with them throughout the years.  He is passionate about revival and is fully persuaded upon the promises of God that He will continue to send large corporate revivals resulting in wide spread awakenings.  He is burdened to call individual churches to revival through local church meetings, and to give the gospel to the multitudes through city-wide evangelistic campaigns.  He also sees the need for more evangelists to be trained throughout the world.

He enjoys backpack hiking in the southwest in places like the Grand Canyon.  He also enjoys climbing mountains and has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.