Dr. Jim was born in Colorado, but before the west could make him a cowboy, his dad became a pastor in Chicago and he grew up in the city and suburbs. His dad started a Christian school in the 70s and it was in those years, he responded to the call to preach and started to grow spiritually. In college he began to have a burden particularly for young people and soon after school embarked on a ministry of teen evangelism. Right before he started in the ministry, he married his wife Rhonda, who has been a tremendous help meet in the ministry to which God has called them both. Since 1984 they have traveled in youth ministry conducting The War and the War of Special Forces. The latter ministry program is geared for Christian school and Dr. Jim has been involved with that aspect since the 1990s.

In 1999 he became the Vice President of Baptist College of Ministry in addition to continuing to travel in youth revival ministry. He loves working with college students and enjoys preaching to them and talking and counseling them one on one. His great burden is that they will “walk by faith” and know God’s Presence in their lives.