Katie Chaney was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  As an 8-year-old, she was faced with death and placed her dependence in Jesus alone to save her.  Katie enjoyed the musical training she received while enrolled for 13 years at Falls Baptist Academy.  She learned to play the clarinet and piano by a number of teachers, culminating in studying clarinet in college with Amanda Ruppenthal Stein.  After receiving her degree in Bible and Music Pedagogy, Katie was able to perform as a soloist with a FBMS group at Midwest Clinic, join the Baptist College of Ministry Chorale and Bel Canto Chorus in a few concerts, and study with Howard Klug at the Clarinet Performance Workshop at Indiana University.

Katie currently works as a Falls Baptist Academy secretary alongside her music responsibilities.  The highlights of her life include her adorable nieces, water color painting, and symphony orchestra.  She enjoys working with the next generation of teachers and is burdened to use music to open up each student’s full God-given potential.