Mark Gillmore grew up in the home of Evangelist Gary Gillmore, participating as a family in local church evangelistic meetings across America. He has served at Falls Baptist Church since 1993, being ordained to the pastoral ministry in 1996. Gifted as an evangelist, he assists Missions and Multiplication ministry, including Sunday School, evangelism, missions, and church planting.  He is the author of the Obedience Pathway Discipleship Series.

He frequently travels abroad, having ministered in Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, India, Ireland, and Curacao. He believes the Great Commission is more than a distant goal but a present-day strategy of divine genius that can and must be obeyed. Mark believes that the greatest opportunity to serve the Lord exists today in our world of over 7 billion souls, and it is his passion to see laborers thrust forth into the harvest fields of the world. Mark serves with his wife Joanna (married May 25, 1992) and their nine children. They desire that God would use each of their children in missionary and evangelism work around the world.