Philip Gingery was reared in Greenville, South Carolina where he grew up on the campus of Bob Jones University.  He came to Christ through personally wrestling with the meaning of Ephesians 2:8-10 while memorizing verses for his fifth grade teacher.  He earned his B.A. and M.Mus. in Voice Performance and taught at the collegiate level, thinking his career direction would follow his father’s, until the Lord made it clear that full time ministry in a local church was His plan.

In 1989, Phil and his wife, Becky left Greenville to begin 30 years of ministry with Bible Baptist Church in West Chester, PA as music director and assistant pastor and facilitating the music program of West Chester Christian School.  The Lord has used the Gingery’s ministry in West Chester to nurture the worship of the church, train musicians, teach Bible in school and seminary, lead missions trips to Mexico, Germany, and the Philippines and rear their nine children.  Phil has been part of the Sacred Music Services Mens Choir and Quartet participating in 11 professional recordings and has been a frequent church music clinician, festival adjudicator and guest professor at various Bible colleges and seminaries, most recently two weeks at the Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in Manila.

Phil enjoys a rare round of golf, relishes time in old books– especially hymnals and books on hymnological studies–, prepares voice recitals specializing in Baroque music, and helps in the family garden and the boys’ lawn business.  Phil considers his recurring opportunity at BCM to be one of the highlights of his ministry year, allowing him to share his joy of hymn heritage with the next generation of God’s servants.